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The Basics of Cigarette Rolling and Injecting Machines


Here are few tips that may apply to many cigarette machines. Mostly all cigarette machines use cigarette papers and tubes and mostly function in similar ways. The main goal is to have a nicely rolled cigarette and to enhance the smoking experience. There are slight differences between each type of rolling machine. However, there are some common problems regarding buying and using them such as;


    Empty spaces in front of the filter or it is not packed tightly enough

    The cigarettes are either too tight or too loose

    Cigarette tubes are tearing or ripping while injection

    The cigarette tubes would not remain on the machines or remain being pushed during the process.

If there are gaps or empty spaces at the front of filter or it is loosely packed at that side, you must make sure to put sufficient tobacco at the corners of tobacco box and it is important at corner where you fix the cigarette tube over the machine. You can even push a small amount of the tobacco up the tip. At certain point, you can fill up your chamber with the tobacco, ensuring it is evenly dispersed and gently pack it with your finger or with your tool.

After this inject cigarette tube with the tobacco.  See if there is yet some gap after filter and if it is, add some little tobacco inside the chamber till you get the desired density and gaps eliminated. You will soon get a sense for this process and you know exactly in what amount tobacco to place inside the tube and in the chamber. By this you will be able to end up with cigarettes that are appropriately packed and they will enhance your smoking experience.

If your cigarettes are packed very tight, it means that you have placed a large amount of tobacco inside the chamber. So try to add little less tobacco to ensure it is evenly dispersed inside the chamber till you make a finely packed cigarette. Keep removing a bit of tobacco till you get the required density. It is like opposite if you get a cigarette packed very loose. Keep pouring the tobacco a bit at a time till you get finely packed cigarette.


Make sure to gently pack your tobacco inside the chamber with your tool or your finger before injecting the tobacco inside the cigarette tube. Learn more about Cigarette rolling and injecting machines, tobacco types, cigarette rolling papers and many other useful tips at thereviewgurus.